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vampires, werewolves, turkeys, and a little stress relief

This may be Too Much Information for you, but two Thanksgivings ago…I stayed in pj’s for several days unable to put down the Twilight Saga. Although I am an avid reader (my nightstand looks like an avalanche), I had never picked up a science fiction book in my life. My friend, Tori, was reading the Twilight books and would not stop talking about them, so I had to see what all the hype was about…….24 sleepless hours later, I had finished book 1 – Twilight. For the next week, I completely neglected my family and friends because I was infatuated with the vegetarian bloodsuckers. No one could understand the fascination except for those that had experienced it first hand.

I am sure sometime in the last 2 years, you have heard the phrase “Twi-moms”? Why does this phenomenon happen? Well – This thought is not original to me, but moms become hooked on Twilight because it places them back in a carefree time. Forks, Washington is a setting where endless love & passion exists. Whether you cheer for Team Edward or Team Jacob, Twilight transports moms to a different time in their lives. A place where work/life balance does not exist; there are no sick/snow days, budget problems, or bad hair days. This is not to say that we moms (at home and career) do not have a lot of satisfaction from our current lives…it is just fun sometimes to escape!

Stephenie Meyer is to be admired. She had a dream, and she made it happen. For those of you who do not know, Stephenie Meyer (mother of 3) woke up from a dream about vampires and created the Twilight Saga. She wrote at odd hours around her family life, faced a number of rejections from publishers, and had her fifth manuscript leaked on the Internet. All that being said, she achieved a dream while having a family. She is career mom that can really be looked at as a role model.

As Thanksgiving, 2010 approaches…. We all need to be thankful for our families, our health, and the wonderful life experiences that we have. As moms, occasionally, we have to escape and rejuvenate ourselves. A little respite for the brain goes a long way especially as holiday season and WINTER BREAK looms ahead. Moms – make time for you this time of year…whether it is getting lost in a book, curling up with a holiday movie, or just taking a nap.