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a few little gems to keep you & me sparkling

It has been a roller coaster of a winter that began with my mom having major back surgery and ended with my father-in-law passing.  I do not want to make this post all about the ups and downs of my life over the last few months, but rather about where my life will take me now.  Beyond still supporting my mom, being there for my kids, and lending a shoulder for my mother-in-law to cry on…..I also really need to get my ass in gear with my mompreneur travels.  Throughout the winter, I felt proud that I was still continuing to check items off my to-do list while dealing with the swell of personal crises surrounding me.  Now that spring has sprung (I think – it is snowing a bit today), I am ready to forge ahead with a new attitude.  Just like the sun will be shining daily (maybe), I plan to sparkle again in my pursuits.



Spark and Hustle, L.A. 2011 – enough said

Katy Perry may be a Firework, but I am a SPARKLER!  That’s right – a SPARKLER!

If you have been following me over the last few months, you know that attending SPARK AND HUSTLE with Tory Johnson was on my agenda.  Well, I came, I went, I heard, I absorbed, I networked, and I am ready to SPARKLE!


who is your inspiration? I will share mine with you –

Last week, I received an email AND a phone message from two local moms that they were loving the blog.  Awwww….they made me feel so awesome.  What I could not believe was that the email stated that I was an inspiration.  Me – an inspiration – no way!  I could have floated to pick the boys up at school that day; I was on Cloud 9.

I started to think a lot about inspiration after this…..and, who inspires me.  Turns out, I have a pretty lengthy list of celebrity and personal inspiration, so I decided to share just a few with you.

No surprise that my celebrity inspiration list begins with Mark Zuckerberg (I love facebook).  Zuckerberg changed and continues to change the way we live, communicate, and interact while creating his social platform (he left Harvard without graduating to pursue his dreams)!  I find it amazing when someone has such open-ended passion and vision.  Zuckerberg is the type of inspiration that my boys’ generation and ones thereafter will continue to channel.


preparing to spark and hustle in 2011

The last few days have been filled with phone meetings with “prototype guy” and a lawyer or two, bank appointments, marketing related emails, and a major trip to Costco to finish out the year.  They have not been too terribly exciting – just doing due diligence to get to the fun part in 2011.  Especially, since my boys only have 5 more days of school before WINTER BREAK, I am really working against the clock.

I have been busy setting goals for 2011 – I am hoping to have a rough model of the prototype by February and to have melded the name ideas that I have into one great name by the same time.  Along the way, I have to be refining the business plan with added details and research.

Editor’s Note:  As I think about this – I am thankful for a home office – Right now, I am warm with a beagle in my lap listening to holiday music and working.  This will make writing and research in the dead of winter tolerable.

Do you have goals for 2011?  If so, what are your priorities?  How do you plan to stick to your goals?  What types of checks & balances do you have in place?  Please comment below –

I think that it is easy to set fabulous goals in December for the coming year, but not so easy to make sure that you stay on target.  After all, don’t we all say that next year we are going to lose 5 pounds.

One way that I am making sure that I am going to stay on target is that I am scheduled to “Spark & Hustle” with Tory Johnson in February.  I need to be ready to dive in!

I am looking forward to hearing what goals all of you are working on and your strategies for staying on task.  Then, we can all hold each other accountable!