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No American Girl but Steelers Nation!

Just a little tribute to being a mother of boys……

Tomorrow is a special day – I am going to the Steelers Game with my oldest son:  it does not matter who they are playing (well maybe a little – it is the Jets & potentially the game of the year); it does not matter that it is going to be 20 degrees and starting to get dark at 4:15; it does not matter that I have a list a mile long for Monday Morning; all that matters, is that I am going to the Steelers Game with my oldest son.  A few years ago, I started a tradition with my oldest son (whose religion is sports) of going once a year to the Steelers Game – just the two of us.  It all happened by chance.  We were given two tickets to a December game, and I decided to take JB as a special treat because his birthday is in December.

There was a certain magnitude to the event, and I am not speaking about the absolute magnitude of Heinz Field on Steelers Sunday.  If you have ever been to Pittsburgh or Heinz Field on a Football Sunday, you know what I am talking about.  If you have not witnessed this first hand, let me explain there are football fans and then there are Steelers Fans.  As Pittsburghers, we are born with football in our blood – We are a part of Steelers Nation. The whole ground shakes around Heinz Field during a game because the crowd simply goes crazy!  The city pulsates with anxiety and excitement during Steelers Games.