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girls night out

pay it forward part 1&1/2 – a toast to friends & fam

A few weeks ago I wrote about paying it forward, and I proposed that all of you should make your own pay it forward list.  Well, my list keeps growing, and I keep challenging myself to think of something really creative to do with it (probably a vlog is best — which is why I more than likely keep putting it off).  As the list keeps accumulating, it occurs to me that I really have not one but two pay it forward lists.  A personal and professional one….yes, there is some overlap, but really there is room for two lists.  While the professional pay it forward list continues to grow, today is a toast to the personal side.

In October, 2010, I basically woke up deciding to chase a dream, become a mompreneur, take a spark of an idea to market, and blog about the entire journey.  This came as a BIG SHOCK to my family and friends.  My family never saw me being an entrepreneur (I was a social worker turned stay-at-home-mom for 10 years) let alone many of them never heard of a blog! I am sure that my friends were equally surprised at my decision to follow an idea to market, or that I even had an idea that I wanted to bring to fruition.  Needless to say, there is a group of peeps that jumped on board and amazingly supported me. That is how I came up with the idea for pay it forward part 1&1/2.  This seemed logical to me since pay it forward part 2 is a list of those that have mentored and helped me, and in between the mentors and me is my first line of defense — friends and fam.



packing and weather stress! spark & hustle or bust!

Oh….the packing dilemma! I am leaving tomorrow for Spark and Hustle with Tory Johnson in L.A.  I also get to spend some time with two great girlfriends in the City of Angels.  I am looking forward to this trip on so many levels….too many to even mention.  I have babysitters and dog walkers lined up to help the big guy with the 2 legged kids and the 4 legged ones. I have a visiting nurse scheduled to help with my mom after her surgery. Now, it is time for me to ditch my UGGs (required pedi) and head out to Southern California, and I have packed and unpacked three times today. Oh….the packing dilemma!

I have not been away by myself in a long time, and I want to make the most of every moment! Of course, I want to dress perfectly for each one of those moments. Instructions were business casual for day and fun for evening. Being from Pittsburgh, I am wondering if business casual and fun mean something different in Cali? So, I just keep adding and subtracting from the suitcase (actually mostly adding more).

There is also the issue of being true to my style…my brand. Not the actual label brand, but my Backngruv-Brand.  I feel like my overall style should exude getting my ass back in the groove.  Not to mention, I am working on lingerie-related products.  One person suggested I should show a little bra – I don’t think so!  BUT, I do think that I live and breathe my brand.  So, the skinny camo pants are staying in the suitcase, but my bra will remain under my shirt.
(I am packing the Incredible Demi Racerback Bra by V.S. Which is Bckngruv-Recommended).

The pile is growing – slacks, jeans, sweater dress, tights, boots, my workout gear, and of course –  a Steelers jersey to travel home in on Super Bowl Sunday! Now, that I am opening up the suitcase for the 4th time, I face a weather dilemma!  Winter storms throughout the midwest are screwing up flights all over, so rather than obsessing over weather, I will probably pack and unpack for a 5th time.

What is your best packing suggestion?

snow days part 2, getting groove back, & girls night out

After a week that included one snow day, one 2 hour weather-related delay, my crazy attempt at a vlog, a mostly non productive Friday, and yes – no school this coming Monday…I felt the need to address the snow day discussion again.  I will not spend a lot more time on it — just a few more thoughts.  By the way, Backngroove Readers — did you ever notice that my background pic is the ocean? Guess what? I do not like snow!  I know crazy…I should move, but my mom would miss me too much (and that is a blog for a whole different day).  My groove was totally off track this week.

First of all, I am not the first to say this, but what is with the snow delay?  We did not have snow delays growing up (I know – my grandmother used to walk miles to school), but honestly the delays are ridiculous.  Not ridiculous because the school wants children to safely travel to and from school, BUT ridiculous because why is it not a priority for cities, townships, communities to make certain that roads are clear so buses and cars can take kids to school on time.  As far as the cold weather goes — I cannot even go there because in reality how much does it warm up between 7 & 9 a.m.? Not much.


vampires, werewolves, turkeys, and a little stress relief

This may be Too Much Information for you, but two Thanksgivings ago…I stayed in pj’s for several days unable to put down the Twilight Saga. Although I am an avid reader (my nightstand looks like an avalanche), I had never picked up a science fiction book in my life. My friend, Tori, was reading the Twilight books and would not stop talking about them, so I had to see what all the hype was about…….24 sleepless hours later, I had finished book 1 – Twilight. For the next week, I completely neglected my family and friends because I was infatuated with the vegetarian bloodsuckers. No one could understand the fascination except for those that had experienced it first hand.

I am sure sometime in the last 2 years, you have heard the phrase “Twi-moms”? Why does this phenomenon happen? Well – This thought is not original to me, but moms become hooked on Twilight because it places them back in a carefree time. Forks, Washington is a setting where endless love & passion exists. Whether you cheer for Team Edward or Team Jacob, Twilight transports moms to a different time in their lives. A place where work/life balance does not exist; there are no sick/snow days, budget problems, or bad hair days. This is not to say that we moms (at home and career) do not have a lot of satisfaction from our current lives…it is just fun sometimes to escape!

Stephenie Meyer is to be admired. She had a dream, and she made it happen. For those of you who do not know, Stephenie Meyer (mother of 3) woke up from a dream about vampires and created the Twilight Saga. She wrote at odd hours around her family life, faced a number of rejections from publishers, and had her fifth manuscript leaked on the Internet. All that being said, she achieved a dream while having a family. She is career mom that can really be looked at as a role model.

As Thanksgiving, 2010 approaches…. We all need to be thankful for our families, our health, and the wonderful life experiences that we have. As moms, occasionally, we have to escape and rejuvenate ourselves. A little respite for the brain goes a long way especially as holiday season and WINTER BREAK looms ahead. Moms – make time for you this time of year…whether it is getting lost in a book, curling up with a holiday movie, or just taking a nap.