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My mom always says – Everyone likes something different, that is why they make chocolate and vanilla! This theory applies to my boys when it comes to making their lunches.  Son #1 likes just peanut butter on his bagel.  Son #2 enjoys both peanut butter and jelly on his bagel.  I know you are wondering why I am discussing PB&J on bagels in my blog, but stay with me for a moment.

Do you write a blog?  Do you want to write a blog?  Has someone told you to write a blog?  I am sure that you have heard about the importance of writing a blog in biz today, but do you have trouble deciding what to write in your blog?  Perhaps, you question what style to use when writing in your blog?  Here comes the PB&J connection.  Just like my one son loves the bold flavor of plain peanut butter, some writers & readers gravitate to strong discussion of the facts. Other writers & readers love the sweetness and flavor of a blog candied with a personal side.  Either way, you cannot go wrong….

There are many how-to posts on writing a blog, and honestly, I learn something new from each one that I read.  I cannot list all my favorite blogging posts – perhaps, that is a focus of another blog.  This post belongs to the mompreneur, the mom and woman entrepreneur all rolled up in one, and the benefits of sandwiching a blog into her biz.

When I decided to take my glimmer of an idea for a few products and run with it, I started writing a blog.  Originally, the blog was to track my progress, but over time, the blog became much more.  My blog, Back’NGrooveMom, became a way to connect and share with others the information that I knew and the facts that I was learning.

I tried writing a blog a few years ago, but I did not keep up with it.  I actually felt silly with a lot of the personal blogging, and questioned who would be interested?  However, this time around, I felt empowered.  I had something substantial to share; I just had to determine the flavor of my voice. Now that I have a relationship with my readers, some days I simply spread the smooth, creamy facts.  BUT, in other posts, I shmear a little chunky apple (that’s my fave) jelly into the post. Today, I thought that I would spread a few of my blogging tips.

If you are a new or seasoned woman entrepreneur, here are my chunky tidbits for the blogging mompreneur:

  1. Get into your zone — When it is time to write, simply turn on your virtual “do not disturb” sign and get in your zone.  Do not read emails, check twitter, or listen to voicemail for a small block of time, and you will crank out your post before you know it.  My zone includes music, and I love Pandora Radio because whatever mood strikes me, I find my groove.  This zone is so important to mompreneurs because starting a biz is hectic.  A blog writing zone can provide a little respite from chasing our goals and our enormous task lists.  It is a time to reflect and of course, share the ups and downs of our adventure.
  2. Share only as much as you like, but be REAL – If you are strictly a peanut butter gal, then be bold and rich in your information.  If you have a sweet tooth, then sprinkle a little sugar in your posts.  Whatever you do, be true to yourself in your writing. I think that it does not matter whether you include a lot of personal escapades or not, but rather a matter of whether you are authentic or real.  You may hold an amazing expertise in something that you can share with passion and minus the personal stories, or you are an amazing story-teller that can slip a lesson into any anecdote.
  3. Claim your brand – Blogging provides start-up biz people with the chance to claim their brand in a vast space.  No, I do not mean whether you like Skippy or Jif, but rather what is YOUR brand?  Define your niche, your specialty, and blog about it.  Put yourself out there, and share your zest in that area through your blog.
  4. Cultivate the Conversation – When you write a blog, you are sharing something, and others read, digest, and comment.  Answer your readers back, allow for two-way conversation, be in the moment with your readers, and develop a relationship.  When the rapport is there, your readers will keep coming back to see what you keep writing.

Most important, remember, your readers are sweet &/or salty just like you, so go and read their blogs, too!

Do you have a blog? Do you include personal aspects or just the facts?  What do you think is the most beneficial part of blogging for your biz?

Share in the comments section below because I look forward to connecting – Rachel


5 responses

  1. Thats what I say, just start writing believe me the web is a big place and someone will read it. Just start writing!

    04/05/2011 at 10:57 am

  2. Rachel this is a great post. Personally I find number 2 so important. Yes it sounds easy, in fact I think people may gloss over it and go “yeah I knew that”. My test, how would someone react if you read your blog aloud to them? Would they ask who wrote it? Would they be stifling a yawn? Or would they be intrigued?

    04/05/2011 at 2:06 pm

  3. That is right Nicole – we have to be authentic! Rachel

    04/06/2011 at 7:13 am

  4. Love the tips – all of them are ones I try to be consistent with (I listen to Yahoo Music to get my groove). Being real and claiming your brand is what will make your blog unique which is necessary now with the amount of blogs out there now.


    04/06/2011 at 6:15 pm

    • Denisse – I will have to check out the yahoo music — add it to my repertoire….RB

      04/07/2011 at 8:24 pm

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