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hurricane, tornado, or microburst – what is your style?

I started writing this last Friday 10/22/1010

When I first met my husband, he called me “the hurricane” because I moved at such high intensity.  This week, I attacked my new project and my family life at hurricane speed. I was fairly productive, but realized that next week – I have to start making lists.  Why?  Because when you are no longer a single gal, but rather a couple or family member, you have to prioritize.  You cannot wait until 9 p.m. to order dinner, you have to remember to pick your kids up from school, and you need to check on your aging parents or in-laws. Next week, the goal is to learn how to work in “microbursts.” I would describe “microbursts” as being short intervals of work that are highly productive (with Starbucks coffee breaks in between).


I finished writing this morning 10/25/2010

Well…. here I am at next week, and I have a sick kid home from school.  Maybe it is a sign to slow down.  I guess that I am going to be forced to work in small increments.

I read somewhere recently that every working mom should make a list of the three most important things that she needs to accomplish that day, and do them first thing in the morning. Now I know why – because as soon as your children wake up, one can never be certain what direction your day will take.  Thankfully, I am an early riser, and aim for an hour of coffee, feeding the dogs, and work before said children wake up. I am now taking a deep breath and getting ready for a microburst.  Actually this morning may have to be a tornado funnel of work because the afternoon may or may not be my own now.

What is your style?


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